Mobile Labs
Product Information

Pre-fabricated, pre-tested and certified — a complete package — it makes sense and saves dollars. Whether your needs are driven by mobility requirements, temporary applications, time or space constraints – or just dollars, we can provide you with a completely equipped and furnished cleanroom environment that costs less to build and is available in less time than land constructed facilities. These self contained, cleanroom enclosures are design and built to meet various applications in the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and even Military industries. These modules are stand-alone enclosures containing their own mechanical system for basic comfort cooling or for precise temperature and humidity control, emergency power, lighting, water, ancillary support systems and a filtration system to meet the specified cleanliness levels, including HEPA or ULPA filtration for applications requiring a certified cleanroom environment. Constructed for high durability, they are rugged and weatherproof, capable of withstanding extreme outside conditions.

Their modular design allows for single unit operations or multi-unit configurations. The versatile designs allow for convenient and rapid transport and installation anywhere, any time. Each module is designed and built to meet a specific application, so please contact Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. for additional information.


  • Can meet any cleanroom classification.
  • Available more quickly and at a lower cost than conventionally constructed cleanrooms.
  • Capable of interfacing with other PETI units, multi-unit configurations available.
  • Optional furnishing allows units to be turn-key ready.
  • Easily transportable: towable, shippable, and air-liftable.
  • Rugged, weatherproof exterior withstands harsh outdoor environments.

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Mobile Labs
Applications and Features

Typical Applications:

  • Surgical
  • Cleanrooms
  • Medical Research
  • University Research
  • Environmental Testing
  • Department of Defense
  • Biotech, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Applications.


  • Modular design for convenient storage when not in use.
  • Enclosures provide years of service with minimum maintenance.
  • Delivered fully equipped and furnished to meet customer-specified requirements.
  • Designed for tow or if required, air lift design for relocation to anywhere in the world.