Providing mechanical design solutions for critical environments

Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. provides a complete line of standard and custom-built control and monitoring panels for use in cleanrooms, laboratories and other critical environments. Monitoring panels include the popular magnehelic? gauges by Dwyer Instruments with options for a variety of accessories. Gauges can be factory calibrated with NIST traceable certificates where necessary.

Control panels can include analog and digital controls in any combination, from a variety of manufacturers for general or exacting control of your cleanroom, laboratory or other critical environments. Typical process input/output parameters include temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, fan speed, flow, particulate levels, sash position and others.

We also provide a full line of mechanical services across a broad range of industries. Whether it be low leakage cleaned duct for pharmaceutical and demanding electronic applications, standard class duct for commercial applications, exhaust systems, chilled water, hot water, or steam systems, Pacific Environmental Technologies, can provide the cost effective design and installation solutions you need.

If you have process piping applications and system equipment, Pacific Environmental Technologies can handle it. Systems we have designed and installed for satisfied customers include clean dry compressed air, nitrogen, high purity orbital welded systems for H facilities (with gas-leak detection), WFI systems for pharmaceutical applications, fusion sealed systems for high purity water and drainage systems. With ancillary gas-leak detection, water purity, RO-DI systems.

Systems that we are typically involved in include:

  • Cold rooms and hot rooms
    Vacuum systems (mechanical pump, water ring)
  • Dehumidification systems (refrigerated and desiccant)
  • Hot water hydronic systems (gas fired, steam to water)
  • Chilled water systems (air cooled, water cooled, evaporative cooled)
  • Exhaust duct systems for exhaust benches, hoods, wet sinks, general exhaust
    Humidification systems (electrical, steam to steam, ultrasonic, atomized injection)
  • Compressed air systems (clean dry, refrigerated and desiccant, recip., rotary screw)
  • Low and medium pressure HVAC duct systems (galvanized, stainless steel and plastics) constant and variable volume

Services that we can provide include:

  • Design and engineering
  • Equipment start-up
  • Test & air balance
  • Duct leak testing
  • IQ and OQ support

Systems that we are typically involved in serve the following industries:

  • Electronic
  • Bio Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Food Processing
  • Injection Molding
  • Optics Laboratories
  • University Laboratories
  • Aerospace (Micro Electronic)
  • Military Research Laboratories
  • Aerospace (Commercial and Defense Systems)