Dryrooms & Humidity Control

Pacific Environmental Technologies dryrooms are designed to meet or exceed the stringent environmental conditions required for the lithium-ion & hybrid vehicle battery, medical device, semiconductor, archival storage & preservation, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing industries industries. Each dryroom is installed and maintained by our in-house engineers, whose 80+ years of combined experience are backed by Pacific Environmental Technologies legendary commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Engineered to the customer’s specifications, our dryrooms feature configurable temperature, and humidity levels down to -90. dewpoint, and cleanliness levels up to Class 100 (ISO 5). When combined with our modular wall systems or housed within our ISO-standard shipping containers, our dryrooms can be tailored to suit nearly any industry application.

With over 35 years in business, Pacific Environmental Technologies has the design and engineering expertise to design and build a solution that meets your most stringent requirements.

Archival storage in a dryroom

Exacting Controls

Each dryroom is constructed with fully integrated controls to monitor and adjust temperature, humidity, and pressure. Available as a standalone control solution or integrated into your existing building management system, Pacific Environmental Technologies guarantees that each dryroom will meet your specifications while performing safely and at optimum efficiency.

The Installation Process

The design team at Pacific Environmental Technologies will be there to support you every step of the way from initial consultation, permitting, construction, startup and commissioning, through final certification and regular maintenance.

  1. Consultation: Call for a free consultation or contact us via our online form and we’ll call you to establish your use case and design specifications.
  2. Customer Approval: Draft a set of design drawings for review and revision by you.
  3. Construction: Once approved, begin construction of the dryroom according to the approved drawings.
  4. Startup & Test: Startup and test all systems related to the control, filtration, and dehumidification of the dryroom space, and make adjustments as required to meet your requirements.
  5. Certification: Performed by Pacific Environmental Technologies or a 3rd party agency of the customer’s choosing, a certification report will be generated detailing the performance and design specifications of your new dryroom!

Maintenance and Certification

Proper maintenance is critical for a dryroom to remain within its tight design tolerances. Regular inspection and replacement of filters, belts and worn-out parts, desiccant, and lubrication of moving assemblies will dramatically extend the service life of your dryroom. Pacific Environmental Technologies offers regular preventative maintenance and certification services to ensure that your investment continues to function correctly, safely, and operates at peak efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Typical Values and Ranges:
  • Temperature Ranges:
  • Dewpoint: -30C to -90C
  • Relative Humidity: 0.1% RH to 1% RH
  • CLASS 100,000 typically 25 to 35 air changes per hour.
  • CLASS 10,000 typically 45 to 60 air changes per hour.
  • CLASS 1,000 typically 75 to 120 air changes per hour.
  • CLASS 100 typically 250 to 350 air changes per hour.
  • CLASS 10 typically 400 to 600 air changes per hour.



* Note average filter cfm output can vary between 600 cfm to 750 cfm depending on filter manufacturer and the external pressure drop the filter is subject to.