Cold Cleanrooms
Product Information

Not only does Pacific Environmental Technologies provide a complete line of modular cleanrooms and cold & freezer storage rooms, but we also combine these technologies to meet an endless variety of applications. These modular cold storage cleanrooms are provided to meet cleanliness levels from an entry-level ISO 8 (Class 100,000) cleanroom to the ever more stringent ISO 4 (Class 10) cleanroom.

Each modular cold storage cleanroom is designed and built to meet a specific requirement with dozens of standard features, all at very economical prices. As with our cold & freezer storage rooms, these modular cold storage cleanrooms utilize foamed-in-place (injected) U.L. Listed, Class 1 urethane foam for optimum insulation values, built-in cam lock fasteners for quick and easy assembly, and are completely pre-fabricated with only the best materials and components.

In addition, these modular wall and ceiling panels require no extrusions — which create hard-to-clean crevices — plus they come standard with inside and outside radius corners allowing for a more thorough and complete cleaning and disinfecting wipe down. As for sizes, these modular cold storage cleanrooms range from a small walk-in type to a large warehouse environment, so storage volume isn’t an issue.
Whatever the application, you can rest assured that our years of experience in the design-build construction field of environmentally controlled cleanroom and laboratory facilities will be put to work to provide you with a modular cold storage cleanroom system that will maintain the design parameters necessary to store your delicate materials.

cold cleanroom

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Cold Cleanrooms
Metal Finishes

Modular wall and ceiling panel interior and exterior finishes can be ordered in a single finish (white interior and white exterior) or ordered in a combination of finishes (stainless steel interior and white exterior), so please specify your desired finishes when talking to your Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. sales representative.

Modular panels are available in High-Density Foam “Tongue & Groove”, Wood Framed “Tongue & Groove” and Wood Framed “Flat” with wall thickness ranging from 3-1/2″, 4″, and 5-1/2″.

Additional materials and paint finishes are also available, Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc. is standing ready to meet your project requirements, so give us a call today!