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Mobile Clean Room

Are you thinking about investing in a mobile clean room? You’ll find our portable cleanrooms at Pacific Environmental Technologies to be an affordable, durable alternative to a traditional clean room- and our rugged construction can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. See us online to discover the benefits of a mobile clean room or call us at 951-582-9306 with your questions.

Dry Rooms

At Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc, we specialize in building custom dry rooms tailored to any customer specs. Reach out to one of our dry room pros if you have questions or need professional help determining the right size or type of room for your needs. Click the 'Specialty Room' link for more details.

Clean Room Trailer

Our pre-fabricated clean room trailer rooms are an affordable solution for companies in the biotech, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and military aerospace industries. At Pacific Environmental Technologies, we construct durable, rugged, waterproof , mobile clean rooms capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Give one of our specialists a call to discuss your needs.

Clean Room Contractor

As an affordable clean room contractor, Pacific Environmental Technologies is on the cutting edge of providing our clients with portable, cost-effective solutions for fully-equipped and turnkey ready options for the semiconductor, aerospace, pharmaceutical, biomedical, and related industries. See our solutions online or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Cannabis Facility

Let our team from Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc help with the design and build of your cannabis facility. We specialize in cleanrooms, both conventional and customized cleanrooms and offer a complete start to finish experience. Contact us about mobile, modular, and softwall facilities to meet your needs.

Clean Room Manufacturer

Are you looking for a clean room manufacturer that is able to create a custom-tailored solution to meet your needs? At Pacific Environmental Technologies, we offer a wide range of options for our clients in a variety of industries, and we are fully able to provide you with a custom built solution for your corporation. Discuss your plans with one of our specialists by phone or over our website.

Modular Clean Room

With more than 20 years in constructing durable, portable and permanent labs, our experts at Pacific Environmental Technologies can design and build the perfect modular clean room for your facility. Our modular clean rooms are free-standing, self-contained structures that use non particulating materials to minimize contamination.

Modular Cleanroom

If you’re looking into the benefits of a modular cleanroom, consider our company for the design and construction of a custom application to minimize contamination both during and after installation. Our free-standing modular units are ideal for businesses looking for a quick set up at an affordable cost.

Portable Clean Room

At Pacific Environmental Technologies, we offer a range of options in portable clean room and conventional clean room design and manufacture. Our transportable clean rooms can be moved via flatbed truck within multi-location companies as a means of saving money versus investing in more than one clean room.

Prefab Clean Room

At Pacific Environmental Technologies, we understand our clients are looking for the most return from their investment. A prefab clean room designed and built to your specifications can prove to be a cost-effective solution you may have overlooked until now. Click the ‘Cleanrooms’ link on our website and select ‘Modular’ to find out more about our products.

Soft Wall Cleanroom

Consider the benefits of a soft wall cleanroom when looking at your options in bio-decontamination. You’ll save money on a soft wall clean room from Pacific Environmental Technologies- and they’re perfect for expansions and upgrades to existing facilities for decontamination. Give us a call if you have questions or stop by our website to learn more.

Softwall Clean Room

Our affordable softwall clean room expansions and extensions are perfect for decontamination in facilities with existing clean rooms that are not able to meet a company’s growing needs. Our free-standing soft wall clean rooms feature quick-release draw latches and catch=points for disconnect and reconnect in a range of configurations. Call one of our product specialists at Pacific Environmental Technologies for additional information.

Commercial Walk In Freezers

Speak with our professionals from Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc about custom-sized commercial walk in freezers. We can build a cold room according to your exacting specifications to ensure your needs are met. You'll find additional information about our cold rooms and cold clean rooms as you browse our site.

Compounding Pharmacies

Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc understands that compounding pharmacies need a special atmosphere for the work they perform. We design & build custom cleanrooms to meet the needs of our clients. Contact one of our agents to let us know about your unique requirements for manufacturing or processing pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms

At Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc, we don't think Pharmaceutical clean rooms should come in one size and design. The needs of our clients are diverse, which is why we have many options to choose from when you need a clean room or facility for pharmaceutical processing, manufacturing, or distribution.

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Design

Work with our pros from Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc to create a functional pharmaceutical clean room design that works for your manufacturing or processing purposes. We build custom conventional softwall, modular, and mobile clean rooms designed to make your operations a streamlined experience.

Medical Device Clean Rooms

Contact Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc about medical device clean rooms to meet your needs. We offer flexible builds for mobile and conventional use, with many options for customized features. Feel free to give one of our PETI specialists a call to discuss the design and manufacture of a clean room.

Usp 797 Cleanrooms

At Pacific Environmental Technologies, Inc, we build USP 797 cleanrooms that are 100% up to spec and completely customizable. If you're shopping around for a design and manufacture company to build your USP 797 cleanroom, you'll find we are the right team to work with to ensure speedy turnaround and affordability.

Usp 800 Cleanrooms

Reach out to PETI about building USP 800 cleanrooms for your work. If you routinely handle hazardous drugs, it's important that you hire a company that understands the USP 800 codes and how they pertain to the design and building of your cleanroom. Pacific Environmental Technologies Inc is the right call.

Usp 797 Clean Room Design

Hire Pacific Environmental Technlogies Inc for your USP 797 clean room design for pharmaceutical compounding and sterile preparations. We know the specs and can work with you to ensure your clean room is 100% designed and built to meet your needs. You'll find more information available on our website.
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