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Mobile Clean Room

How To Maintain A Standard Mobile Clean Room

Once a standard clean room is established, the integrity of its cleanliness becomes very fragile and easy to diminish. Maintaining a clean room requires very close attention and diligence. But unlike brick and mortar clean room structures, mobile clean rooms tend to have a bigger advantage particularly when it comes to maintenance. Rather than consider the whole structure to correct damage affecting the walls of your mobile clean room, replacing a single panel can effectively correct such problem.

For those who currently own a mobile clean room, here are some helpful ways to maintain its structure.

Ensure regular cleaning

It is important to ensure a regular and thorough cleaning of a clean room to enable it to function efficiently and last longer. Unlike hiring a cleaner to clean an office, this process requires the use of trained professionals who understand what it means to maintain a clean room. One effective way to do this is to have in-house staff who are trained to clean a clean room. Whether you are using your clean room for pharmacopoeial purposes, research and development work, building technology or any other specialized endeavor, it is important to understand the cleaning regulations required for the room. As a matter of fact, you must ensure regular cleaning of all surfaces with only cleaning supplies approved by the ISO air quality and USP chapter of the clean room.

Replace with the right equipment

The lifespan of the HEPA filter depends largely on prefilter cleanliness and on ambient conditions of the room. Replacement of HEPA filters should be regularly and correctly done to ensure proper efficiency and effectiveness. In order to ensure that things are done properly, don’t hesitate to call in professionals to and examine the HEPA filters and replace them when necessary. Filters that fail to pass inspection can be hazardous to staff health.

Adhere to FDA guidelines

While operating your mobile clean room, it is expedient to abide by the guidelines set by the FDA. Basically, these regulations are set to ensure proper efficiency and safety while operating your room. So ensure to keep your room running under these compliance guidelines so as to be able to be on the safe side. Interestingly, there is no better way to maintain a clean environment than this.

Contact the manufacturer before making any alterations

Before moving or altering your clean room, it is recommended to get the manufacturer informed. In a bid to help you stay compliant with safety regulations, your clean room manufacturer can help make changes to the room when called upon to do so.

Try not to run out of supplies

Clean rooms need to be kept clean always. To this end, it is expedient to always stay well stocked and not run out of supplies. In short, the cleanliness of your room shouldn’t be compromised in any way.

When it comes to maintaining a standard mobile clean room, there isn’t much to be done once the above-listed requirements are duly observed. Basically, it is important to ensure that the room maintained based on industry standards as required by the law.


Mobile Clean Room

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